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On Homework

OKay... so... Lately, everyone has been stressing over school and homework... WELL, I know that i should be stressing as well but for some reasson I am not stressing WHAT SO EVER! I know that i have alot to catch up on but i am very calm about it. Is that wrong? Should i be stressing? I almost think that i am looking at college the same way i looked at highschool and i know that I shouldn't be doing that... I have so much more on my mind than homework... That sounds so stupid when i say that out loud but the sad thing is that, that's really how i feel... I think i should start cracking down on my reading and homework... OR my 4.0 dream will be washed away...

On another note... I am going to San Diego with Jen Tomorrow... SO EXCITED!!! I have our whole itinerary planned out! I am a huge dork! But it will be lots of fun! I'll be able to see my dogs, parents and friends and Jen will be able to see her friend, Laura! Yeah! k- Love ya Much
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