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On School...

Okay... well school is shit! I hate ten page political science papers! I just want to go home, to San Diego, and chill on the beach and smoke a bowl. I cannot wait until friday when i wake up in my bed, in San Diego, and go to my hair appointment at 11 o'clock to get it chopped off! I am SOoOoO excited about getting my hair cut! I am not sure if i should cut it really short or just shoulder length? What should i do? Oh well, i will figure it out! And after i get my hair cut i am going to join my buddy Kady at the beach smoking a bowl! I cannot wait for Friday to arrive! YEAH for Spring Break! All i have to do is to get through the rest of this week and then i can enjoy myself! And BTW, we got our lease for our apartment so now we have an apartment. YEAH! That is one less thing off of my shoulders! I HATE SCHOOL!
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