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Comfort with Being Alone...

There is this misconception sometimes that being alone is actually lonely... But i have to disagree... I think that if someone is comfortable with themselves they have no problem being alone! That's why sometimes i question my comfort with myself... There are times when all i want to do is be alone... To spend a day reading in a park or walking around Berkeley and going shopping. But for some reason something stops me from doing these things. As far as I know of myself, or at least how i see myself, I see a self-confident introverted person who can make people feel comfortable... But my actions don't always show this... I try very hard to be a good person and do what i feel is right... I desperately try to make others happy yet i find myself intentionally making people feel unhappy, in a seemingly unintentional way. It's like my actions contradict my intentions and thoughts... Sometimes i wonder if i am a bad person? I really hope not! Jason said the most interesting thing today... He said that we were his "favorite" Basically because he likes being around intelligent people! I feel the same way but sometimes it gets exhausting... Sometimes I just don't want to think but i almost feel like i have to... I have no clue where my thoughts are going but i will get back to my main point... Whatever, I give up i am tired of thinking... Look at the
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