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It is so weird how time goes by so fast... It seems like "just yesterday" that we had welcome week and were all still young freshmen who didn't know anything or anyone. Now we are commuting back and forth by bus and bart to all the places we want to go... I remember when i first got here and wondered how i would ever figure this whole bus thing out... Now i catch myself telling other people about how the bus/bart work. Last weekend was sooo much fun... My friends from San Diego came to visit for Halloween... We had a BLAST!! It really made me happy seeing them... Gave me a little touch of home... I really miss home but Thanksgiving is coming up soon and i will be able to see my family and friends... It is weird how they say time makes the heart grow fonder... I think distance does too... I don't think i can remember a time that i missed my friends and family as much as i do now... It is weird how time goes on when your not there... I hate to sound selfish but i wish it didn't... I wish that all my family and friends lives stopped until i came back and then we'd pick up where we left off... But life doesn't work like that and everyone goes there own seperate ways... Our destinies are all planned out for us...
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