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On Destruction

It's odd how a seemingly good day can turn into something so NOT good! So lets start with the good part!

- Today I saved BOOBS! The wonderful "Unit2good2betrue" group made the journey of five miles of walking to contribute to the Breast Cancer research cause. A long walk for a good cause! After awaking at about 7 o'clock in the morning i was able to feel like i did something with my wonderful Sunday morning! And it was such a beautiful day today...
And now to how a good day can be not too good!
- After the walk, i talked to Kady, in San Diego, (mind you that my knowledge of what is going on in the world is very limited) tells me that there are three fires burning in San Diego! WOW!!! That is a huge shock to me! I thought that maybe there were just little ones especially cause she didn't sound too concerned! I get to my dorms and after about an hour of trying to get ahold of my parents i was starting to get frustrated! Finally... I get a call from them telling me that they are all right! But that they were CLOSE!!! They had to evacuate the casino and as they were leaving could see the flames coming over the mountain! WOW!! So they are okay, but so many people aren't! I have been checking the updates of what is going on down there and 12 people are dead over 250 homes are burnt down and the fire is still not out! I could just put myself in all of their positions and i felt for them! I shed tears for them and felt their pain! After speaking to Charles about it, he tells me that La Mesa is said to be next to evacuate if necessary. that's where he, along with many of my other friends, live. then after la Mesa will be Lemon Grove which is where I live! i just wish that things like this never happened! They say that it will only get worse tonight, that the winds will be picking up... GOD, please don't let anyone else die tonight! Please protect San Diego and all of Southern California from the flames... Please God, watch over the firefighters and help them keep the courage to protect everyone the way they do! I wish for happiness and peace for everyone and everything and although i know that is unpractical, I just wish for you, God, to grant it for just one night! Fill those people's hearts, who have lost so much, with your love... Thank you God!
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