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My Real First Entry

Today, I got my live journal account... I am so very excited! Jen and Kris have thiers and i was just SOooOoo "lealous" hehe (Jen).... but now i have one too! I can't wait to write in this... I have been having lots of fun already!

So... Today was a very laid back day... Went to one class and then relaxed on Memorial Glade with Kristina and Jason! Someone brought up how "collegy" it felt to sit on the grass doing our homework... It really did feel like I was in college! It's so weird to think that i am actually in college now. The way i looked at it before is so different than how it really is! It's kinda weird! But yeah... I am gonna end this LJ now cause i want to mess with the settings some more! So... I hope everyone else had a good day too! Love ya All!
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