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Back at Home (Berkeley)

WoOoOoo... I am finally back here at Berkeley! That was a very interesting journey! I was sooo excited to see all of my friends and i got to spend the most time with the most important of my friends! I got to spend lots of time with Monica, My best friend, and Kady My other good friend! I am soo happy! On friday me and Monica ate lunch with Jen and her friend Laura and then we went to the casino with my parents and ate dinner with them and my aunt uncle and cousins! GUess what... Is sSOOOooo Funny! My cousin thinks my friend Monica is HOT and he asked about her! (FYI Monica)!!! Then on Saturday we went to Mexico and ate dinner down there and then we hung out with all my BOYZ!!! The the fun part of the day was going down to MExico! So interesting! I hope that my friends didn't scare Julia, Jason, or Peter! MY FRIENDS ARE CRACKHEADS!! Getting in fights with the Federalis!! And throwing up on themselves... Sorry Kady! I sitll love you!

The Drive back up was SOOOOoooo quiet! Until we reached Kristina's house! Kris I love your mom! She is like the coolest person in the world! I would eat her Beets any day of the week! =) Well yeah that was my interesting weekend! There was alot going on! Well Here is a nice little tid bit from my MOnica:

slinkygirlmonica: coolio
slinkygirlmonica: coolio? im gay.....oh excuse be p.c.....HOMOSEXUAL! :-D

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